4 Ways to Shake Up Your Morning Routine

Wake up. Take a shower. Drink coffee. Tired of the same-old, and yearning to supercharge your days with something new? Let us offer some suggestions.


1. Ditch your screens

Resist the urge to dive straight into your email and social media feeds. Fifteen extra minutes offline will stop you from feeling enslaved to technology.

2. Skip the coffee

Lukewarm water with fresh-squeezed lemon provides a refreshing energy boost —minus the caffeine crash.

3. Rise the right way

Try rolling over onto your right side and then pushing yourself into a sitting position with a straight back and no hunching.

4. Try meditation

Take some time to clear your mind even if it's just a few minutes. If you ditch your mental clutter, you'll be set for a focused and productive day.

Greg FrancisComment