3 Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Does Daily

These things are non-negotiable, but they're probably getting knocked to the bottom of your to-do list.



A healthy life is often viewed as a mere side-effect of success. But those who don't take their health into account often rely on money to sustain them, and money by itself is simply not enough.

The right strategy for sustainable growth isn't only about your business. It's about you. Investing in your health is not just imperative for your life, it's good for your business. When you take the time to replenish, refuel, and re-center yourself, you gain energy and focus, you increase creativity, and you protect against burnout.

It's not easy to make room on your to-do list for these three vital things, and they're often the first to go when things get crazy busy. Are you taking care of these essentials?

Make time for fun

Laugh! It's said that children laugh about three hundred times a day. The average adult? Five times a day. We get sucked into our work, and we forget to play. And to miss out on play in your life is to cut out an incredibly valuable means of developing and strengthening creative thinking.

Invest in your health

Sleep, sex, and exercise: you may not have time for all three every day, but do two of them. When you invest in your health, you reap long-term rewards. All three activities make you sharper, give you more your energy, and boost your mood. It's a triple-threat cocktail that not only makes you happier, but yields real return in terms of your ability to work more efficiently and effectively.

Break to be better

It's when you step away from your work and do something completely different--even a totally mundane chore--that the most brilliant ideas often emerge. Your subconscious can surprise you, but if you don't make time to disengage and allow for some downtime, you aren't allowing your inner creative genius the chance to thrive.

Greg FrancisComment