What Motivates You: Calling or Ego?


Do you have a real vocation for your work, or are you in business just for egotistical reasons? We'll share a few ways to decipher what's really driving you.

1. Ego leads to burnout. Calling leads to fulfillment. 

You know that feeling of deep satisfaction when you're doing something you absolutely love? That's your calling showing itself to you. 

2. Ego focuses on the result. Calling focuses on the process. 

Without a satisfactory result, your ego feels that all your work is pointless. A calling, however, comes from within. It can handle the stress of ambiguity. 

3. Ego wants to preserve the self. Calling wants to affect others. 

A calling may begin with the self, but it moves toward the needs of others. We describe it as "the place where your deep gladness meets the world's deep need." 

Greg FrancisComment