A Morning of Coffee and Instagram


 Coffee culture has undoubtedly taken the U.S. by storm, with coffeeshops of all shapes and sizes coming out of the woodwork. A vocabulary that was once saturated with venti this and grande that is rather quickly changing to something more akin to…cortado and gibraltar.

And I’m okay with that.

Now, when I see a coffee bean, I don’t just see people's addiction. I see how one humble product has played such an integral part in bringing people together around the globe—specifically in facilitating the meeting of new acquaintances, friends, and maybe, just maybe, the love of your life. Inviting someone for a cup of coffee is a safe and sacred arrangement. The coffeeshop is neutral grounds, whereas lunch or dinner may seem too stifling (lunch and dinner meetings are a constant dance between eating and trying to keep the conversation going).

So embrace that well-dressed gentleman with a handlebar moustache preparing your daily cortado, because he has made meeting someone new just a little less awkward. Why? Because that cup of coffee somehow gives us some confidence.



Greg FrancisComment