What is Urban Runner+Kitchen?

As your company's extended brand ambassador, Urban Runner+Kitchen builds a continuous delivery process and support for (Local) Chef's to get the agility they need to quickly identify and capitalize on their customer needs. All Chef's know that customers expect real-time response, and you need to deliver new features constantly to stay in the game.


Food delivery redefined.

Chef's, when you're continuously innovating and consulting with potentially new and existing clients, delivering your creations is just as critical. 

With Urban Runner+Kitchen, it allows you to handle your quality control and team communication. Our delivery service streamlines and keeps everything on the same page. Urban Runner enables you and your team to focus on what matters most which allows you to apply your ideas to the preparation table, and be production-ready in less time. This means you are faster to market with prompt delivery to your clients.



Our Use of Refrigerated Trucks 

(L.A-gistics) Re-Invented - Urban Runner is a leading temperature controlled Transportation and Logistics provider. While servicing customers in Los Angeles County, we're everywhere you want to be. From prompt door to door delivery of dry and perishable products, to distribution, consolidation and transportation, our commitment to safety, values and great customer service will give you the confidence and flexibility you need to succeed in your business.

In Los Angeles, we offer distribution services within a 100-mile radius within LAX to supermarket depots. We also provide delivery solutions for local Chefs, personal or private functions.


Corporate Account Support

At Urban Runner, we love to help. From setting up your account to making sure each food delivery is flawless, we are always on the lookout for ways to make that transition and logistics for business easy and efficient. 

  • Supporting the growth of L.A.'s next wave of food entrepreneurs.
  • Delivered your way, on your terms, on your budget.
  • Designed from the ground up with your success in mind.
  • The team behind Urban Runner share your passion for great food, produced locally. 


Contact us: info@myurbanrunner.com